God’s Sovereignty and Free Will debate

This debate within Christisom has been raging for over 1,000 years.  Christianity aside, it has been debated since day one with Eve and the serpent.  But what does God make known about his sovereignty and our free will?

Start Simple
It is best to start with simple statements if truth.
  1. Is God sovereign over his creation?  If you answer no than you are not referring to the God of the Bible and thus this discussion would be vain.  God declares, in holy scripture, that he is sovereign over all his creation.  He is all-powerful and all-knowing (Psalm 147:5), outside of time (Exodus 3:14; Psalm 90:2), and responsible for the creation of everything (Genesis 1:1; John 1:1). 
  2. Does human free will exist.  Yes.  But there are less simple layers to this that we should also address.  We do NOT make free choices spontainiously.  That would mean choices completely void of reason, motivation, or intent. Thus no reason or purpose to decide anything at all.  Therefore something gives us reason and motivation to freely make one decision over another, or any decision at all.  Our personal dispositions guide our rational decision making.

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