Sermons on Genesis 11-20 : Review

John Calvin’s sermons are very different to his commentaries, they are also as helpful as the day they were delivered. There are 47 expositions of Genesis 11:5-9 to Genesis 20:4-7, in this latest book, published for the first time in the English language. Those who already have Professor McGregor’s first volume, Genesis 1-11, will want … Continue reading Sermons on Genesis 11-20 : Review

Radical Adjustments, Part One

Joshua 1:9 Extreme dilemmas are usually solved by radical adjustments. It used to be called "fighting fire with fire." Minor alterations won't do. If the situation is getting completely out of hand, a slight modification won't cut it. It's get-with-it time. If the tumor is the size of a grapefruit, taking a handful of vitamins … Continue reading Radical Adjustments, Part One

The Shadow of the Giant, Part Two

Ephesians 6:14-18 Yesterday, we visited David as he faced off against Goliath. Refusing to accept his brothers' rationalizations or listen to the giant's threats, David saw through the Philistine strategy and withstood it through sheer, solid faith. You know the outcome. With a well-worn leather sling and a smooth stone, and unbending confidence in his … Continue reading The Shadow of the Giant, Part Two

Curing Church Conflict

The members of First Church (not the real name of the church) consistently made false accusations against one another. They would regularly throw verbal mud at one another. At times, they would even form alliances and fight against one another. Some of their claims were silly. One elder accused a teenager of rebelliously going to … Continue reading Curing Church Conflict

More on What Happens to Christians When They Die

‘Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on. Yes, says the Spirit, so that they may rest from their labors, for their deeds follow with them.’ –Revelation 14:13 I wrote on this very important and comforting issue a few weeks ago. I wish now, however, to take it one step further. Here’s … Continue reading More on What Happens to Christians When They Die

The Shadow of the Giant, Part One

1 Samuel 17:50 Goliath reminds me of the cross-eyed discus thrower. He didn't set any records . . . but he sure kept the crowd awake! Day after day, he paraded along the slopes of the Valley of Elah throwing out threats and belching blasphemies across the creek with a basso-profundo voice like twenty out-of-tune tubas. He … Continue reading The Shadow of the Giant, Part One

Who Is Jesus Really?

The debate about the historical existence of Jesus is not a debate at all.  Genuine historians, even secular non christian historians accept the fact that Jesus actually existed.  E.P. Sanders, a highly respected secular historian stated: "...we have a good idea of the main lines of his ministry and his message. We know who he … Continue reading Who Is Jesus Really?


2 Timothy 1:7 Looking for a role model on how to handle criticism? It would be worth your while to check out the book of Nehemiah. On several occasions this great-hearted statesman was openly criticized, falsely accused, and grossly misunderstood. Each time he kept his cool . . . he rolled with the punch . . . he considered … Continue reading Criticism

The Ghost of Ephraim, Part Two

2 Timothy 4:5-8 As we have been discussing, homes and churches across the country today are haunted by ghosts of the Ephraimites, men who were skilled and fully equipped for battle but who turned and fled when the going got tough (see Psalm 78:9). Yes, "Let's just quit" are household words. A marriage gets shaky … Continue reading The Ghost of Ephraim, Part Two

The Ghost of Ephraim, Part One

Psalm 78:9 Psalm 78 is a hymn of history. Being a Maskil psalm, it is designed to instruct those who ponder its message. The opening words command us to listen . . . to incline our ears to what the composer, Asaph, has to say. Immediately we realize that he is recounting the unhappy days of disobedience … Continue reading The Ghost of Ephraim, Part One