Who or What Is The Holy Spirit?

Who or what is the Holy Spirit?  Is it a force, is it supernatural energy, is it a person, or is it something else.  Is it a thing or is it a being?  Knowing who or what the The Holy Spirit is directly impacts who you know God to be.  This article will evaluate what … Continue reading Who or What Is The Holy Spirit?

What Language do Angels Speak?

Angels come from heaven and were created by God.  They are either messengers from God or fallen angles, punished to earth and awaiting judgement with no hope of redemption.  As messengers and servants of God, how do they communicate with mankind? There are a lot of writings on angels but what does God's Word make … Continue reading What Language do Angels Speak?

Open Letter to Faith Healers and their followers

To all whom it may concern, I am writing this to all those who claim to supernaturally heal in Jesus' name and to all those who believe in these faith healers.  I have three key areas of questions. I want to start off and state that I do not believe the gift of healing has … Continue reading Open Letter to Faith Healers and their followers

The Gift of Supernatural Healing

What does God say about divine supernatural healing and the gift of healing?  What is the bible's stance on 'inner-healings' like the Sozo Prayers?  And are healings today the same as healing of the Apostles and the disciples of the apostles?  It is important to state that it is not the position of The Gospel … Continue reading The Gift of Supernatural Healing