Who or What Is The Holy Spirit?

Who or what is the Holy Spirit?  Is it a force, is it supernatural energy, is it a person, or is it something else.  Is it a thing or is it a being?  Knowing who or what the The Holy Spirit is directly impacts who you know God to be.  This article will evaluate what … Continue reading Who or What Is The Holy Spirit?

Is There A Baptism of The Holy Spirit After Salvation?

What is a Subsequent Baptism to salvation, second baptism, or also called a second blessing referring to?  Simply stated, it is a second spiritual event that takes place after and separate from the moment of salvation where an individual is overcome by the Holy Spirit and exercises spiritual gifts for the first time.  But does … Continue reading Is There A Baptism of The Holy Spirit After Salvation?

God Does ALL The Work

It is ultimate satisfaction and relief to know and trust in God.  He does all the spiritual eternal work for us. The pressure and burdens of trying to love him, do good, and stay faithful to him all our life is on Him.  When we have faith in Jesus Christ, we experience the peace and … Continue reading God Does ALL The Work

The Gift of Supernatural Healing

What does God say about divine supernatural healing and the gift of healing?  What is the bible's stance on 'inner-healings' like the Sozo Prayers?  And are healings today the same as healing of the Apostles and the disciples of the apostles?  It is important to state that it is not the position of The Gospel … Continue reading The Gift of Supernatural Healing

Supernatural Positive Thinking

Life can get hard and people can be mean.  Does thinking positive and speaking positively have a supernatural effect on the negative world around us?  Does being positive only invite more positive things to occur?  Is there such a thing called "Law of Attraction"?  Where does all this positivism come from and what does history … Continue reading Supernatural Positive Thinking


Repentance is an essential sign of genuine saving faith.  It is what is to be preached and what The Gospel Message compels true believers to do.  It can be faked and is avoided by health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity teachers.  There is a reason for this.  But what is IT (repentance) and why is it … Continue reading Repentance

The Virgin Birth

Jesus' virgin birth is extremely important to understanding who Jesus truly is!  Where he came from, how he got here, and how he relates to us are all intertwined with his miraculous birth.  First we need to look at what was foretold about him: Isaiah 7:13-14 Isaiah said, “Listen, house of David! Is it not … Continue reading The Virgin Birth

God, The Holy Spirit

One of the most misunderstood and mischaracterized persons of the Trinity of God himself is the person of The Holy Spirit.  Man gets confused with feelings, emotions, wind, or just thought of as a 'force'.  Yet, scripture makes it clear He is a unique, co-equal, divine person of the Trinity that makes  God himself.  This simple study … Continue reading God, The Holy Spirit

Faith Without Works is Dead

Let's make this clear;  Christians are saved by GRACE through FAITH in Jesus Christ as Lord God and Savior (John 3:16; Ephesians 2:8-9).   But it is because of genuine faith in Jesus that will defiantly cause the life of someone who just came to faith to drastically change.  A changed life is a sure fact.  … Continue reading Faith Without Works is Dead

The Triune God of Christianity

This essential biblical teaching is a profound and deep understanding of the eternal God of the universe.  He condescends these truths about himself just enough for us to be able to understanding Him to this degree.  This understanding allows us to know and understand him on the deepest level in our time in this world.  It … Continue reading The Triune God of Christianity